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Vehicle Electrification (VE) Program

With the shift to design and development of electrified vehicles, companies are experiencing an increased demand for qualified engineers and other allied professionals who possess applied knowledge within the field of Vehicle Electrification (VE).

The Vehicle Electrification Certificate and Certification Program empower individuals to prove their knowledge in the areas of VE safety, components, and systems. Individuals who pass each examination level demonstrate that they have retained the necessary knowledge and have the ability to apply that knowledge.  In addition, they earn an internationally-recognized professional credential in Vehicle Electrification awarded by SAE International. 

Available Offerings


Vehicle Electrification Fundamentals and Safety Certificate of Competency

Included: Online Training + Examination
This program is designed for individuals who have exposure to electrified vehicles, or are associated with an electrified vehicle program and need to understand fundamentals of Vehicle Electrification (VE) architecture and critical safety measures. The overall objective of the Vehicle Electrification Certificate of Competency is to provide training for those individuals who work on or around electrified vehicles to perform their tasks safely.


Certified Vehicle Electrification Professional (CVEP)

Included: Examination Only
This certification is designed for individuals to validate mastery of knowledge in Essential VE safety and all major VE systems. The program is intended for individuals that work as part of the multi-disciplinary teams working within the field and associated industries involving Electric Vehicles.


Certified Vehicle Electrification Engineer/Scientist (CVEES)

This certification is designed for individuals to validate mastery of knowledge in the science and design of all major VE systems.  The program provides a method for those Scientist and Engineers currently leading a multi-disciplinary team in the field of Electric Vehicle Design to demonstrate their overall knowledge and specific skills in the multi-faceted area of Electrical Vehicles.  The program will be available late-2014. To be placed on the wait list, please visit our customer support page.

VE Retakes

Available retake options for the Vehicle Electrification (VE) Program.

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